Bumble Bee Gardens

Native Plants and Ecological Gardening

Bumble Bee Gardens specializes in ecological gardening and design using regionally native plants. With an aim to preserve a little biodiversity, we hope to echo the native landscapes of woodlands and meadows that inspire us. Weaving native ecosystems into urban landscapes helps connect people to nature while creating a peaceful and personal space for you too.

What is Ecological Gardening?

Ecological gardening embraces a holistic approach to the creation of gardens by:

  • encouraging native plant gardening and the re-establishment of natural plant communities
  • using organic and natural methods to restore and replenish nutrients in soils
  • uses environmentally sustainable local materials

What are the benefits of ecological gardening?

  • a safe, chemical free garden
  • native plants provide natural food and refuge for native wildlife, such as birds and butterflies
  • a low maintenance garden by selecting locally native, site specific plants
  • provide a home for many native plants that are becoming increasingly rare in the wild
  • conserve water
  • knowing you created a garden using environmentally sustainable and local materials