Bumble Bee Gardens

Native Plants and Animals:

Native flora and fauna have symbiotic relationships that are part of a larger ecological matrix. These harmonious relationships define and maintain a naturally functioning ecosystem. As we disrupt these sensitive relationships by introducing non-native species, we begin to chip away the intricate pieces needed to sustain a healthy environment.

Your garden, big or small, urban or rural, can help restore this larger ecological matrix by re-establishing native plant communities local to your 'ecozone'. In turn, wildlife attracted to these plant communities will frequent your garden.

The presence of wildlife will contribute to pollination, seed dispersal and return organic matter back to the soil creating a natural cycle of renewal.

Special Note:

When purchasing native plants for your garden, be sure to purchase plants that are native to your ecozone, also referred to as 'vegetation zone'. These 'zones' distinguish geographical areas with varying climatic characteristics such as rainfall and temperature.

The label 'native' is broadly interpreted in retail nurseries. It often indicates plants native to North America. But plants that have adapted to British Columbia's rainforest coast, for example, would not be considered native to South Western Ontario's Carolinian Zone.